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Why Choose Zoodify

Zoodify is the Simplest, Admin Friendly, Group Communication App

that enables effective hierarchical communication and respects User Privacy

Important Broadcast Announcements only by Admins / Speakers

We understand that as group Admins you want to
send information / alerts / images / documents and other notifications to all your members and you want them to read it. These messages are sent in a separate channel so that they are DEFINITELY READ by all members and are not lost in the noise of other Chat Messages. You can allow more than 1 person to send such broadcasts.

Group chat with Privacy (No Phone Number shared)

All members can discuss in the Group Chat Channel like you do in other popular Messaging platforms. However, as this is a separate platform the irrelevant Spams / Images / Videos from other platform will not pollute your important Group communication.

Pin important Documents / Links and extensible Widgets

Pin Important Documents & Links on the Channel  Board for everyone to have access to. This Enables greater collaboration and keeps everyone in sync.

Who uses Zoodify

Zoodify is effective of all kinds of small and large organisations

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Dishan Ghai

Founder, Zoodify

Parag Dulam

IOS Developer

Navin Pritwani

UX Designer & Web Developer

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